Almor Wellman supply many types of furnaces for the heat treatment of different steels in the form of bar, tube, strip, coil, wire, rod and plate as well as forgings and castings.

The furnace types include large scale continuous plant through to smaller batch equipment. Potential applications include annealing, normalising, solution treatment, hardening, tempering and quenching with various media.

Wellman has produced hundreds of bell type furnaces, designed for use with various types of atmosphere and incorporating high performance water-cooling facilities. Heat treatment processes include high temperature annealing, pickling, decarburising, thermal flattening and coating for electrical insulation.

Typical Furnace types supplied for the Steel Industry include:

  • Roller Hearth Furnaces
  • Walking Beam Furnaces
  • Rotary Hearth Furnaces
  • Lift Off/Bell Furnaces
  • Pit Furnaces
  • Batch Furnaces
  • Bogie Hearth Furnaces