Upgrades and Refurbishment

Furnace upgrades and refurbishment exercises are often energy-related, taking advantage of the high efficiency and fuel savings that can be demonstrated by modern equipment.

Almor Wellman regularly work with customers in calculating payback periods, balancing reduced operating cost, improved reliability, improved supportability, improved performance and improved safety against the cost of upgrading.

Upgrades to thermal linings and /or to combustion systems can provide significant improvements to this efficiency.  Up-to-date technology in thermal insulating materials and combustion system controls are examples of where benefits can be gained.

Almor Wellman has the expertise to undertake such technical upgrades to existing industrial furnace equipment which could offer a genuine payback to the initial capital outlay.  This could be applied to equipment produced by Wellman or by other original furnace equipment manufacturers. 

Enhancements to existing equipment, leading to greater safety and improved efficiency and reliability, can include:

  • Replacement fuel-efficient combustion systems, pulse firing schemes and self-recuperative burner systems
  • Energy efficiency and control upgrades
  • Furnace modifications for improved productivity or change of process
  • Changes to comply with new health and safety requirements
  • Uplift and relocation of existing plant
  • Engineering studies/site investigations with regard to future upgrades
  • Retro-fit projects to existing Wellman and associated group companies as well as non-Wellman group equipment
  • Enhanced furnace linings